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About the

Armotti Team

& our love for hosting

We renovate, we furnish, we host. We love travelling, exploring, and bringing a bit of our experiences to our offers. We design the apartments in a way we would enjoy living in them ourselves. We understand if you need a big TV to watch Netflix, a printer for your work material, a safe deposit for your passport, and a comfortable bed because the day was long. 

We have units in a variety of sizes and shapes, but always seek to maintain the same level of comfort and the highest hygiene standards. 

We would love to have you join the Armotti family, to host you and to make you feel at home in the city of Bern! Tell us what is important to you during your stay, and we shall do what we can to accommodate your needs!

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Your favourite

Airbnb Rental

Armotti in OTAs

Our apartments are bookable in numerous online travel agency websites, including Airbnb, and VRBO. You can check out our reviews and listings. 

You are welcome to book through the channel you trust best! Booking directly with us, however, might give you benefits, such as the ability to personalize requests, promotion and other special discounts, and great price benefits and flexibility for longer stays.

Click here for the Lorraine Airbnb page, and here for the Friedheimweg 2 bedroom apartment Airbnb page to check out our reviews!

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